Experiment with Kármán Street - Affine Invariants

The results of an experiment with template matching in time-development simulation of the Kármán street can be seen in the following videos. The first digit in the file names is the maximum moment order. The next two digits are parameters of non-uniform scaling: 5_4 means scaling 5/4 horizontally and 4/5 vertically.

The theory to this experiment can be found here.

List of videos Size
uhiara_ts_3_sd_5_4.mp4 1498 KB
uhiara_ts_4_sd_5_4.mp4 1720 KB
uhiara_ts_5_sd_5_4.mp4 1486 KB
uhiara_ts_6_sd_5_4.mp4 1546 KB
uhiara_ts_7_sd_5_4.mp4 1587 KB
uhiara_ts_3_sd_7_4.mp4 1116 KB
uhiara_ts_4_sd_7_4.mp4 1140 KB
uhiara_ts_5_sd_7_4.mp4 1072 KB
uhiara_ts_6_sd_7_4.mp4 1108 KB
uhiara_ts_7_sd_7_4.mp4 1188 KB