Affine Moment Invariants of Tensor Fields

Tensor fields are a special kind of multidimensional data. In each pixel or voxel, the field is assigned to a tensor. The most common tensor fields are Cauchy stress tensor, viscous stress tensor, diffusion tensor, and Maxwell stress tensor. All of them have dimension three and contravariant rank two, i.e. they look like a 3 × 3 matrix in each voxel. They contain informatiom not only about the direction and the magnitude of the quantity, but also about transverse components or curvature.

During affine transformation of the space, both tensor values and space coordinates are transformed, therefore we need special type of invariants.
They can be generated by tensor method as the total contraction of a tensor product of moment tensors and permutation tensors.

The invariants of the symmetric 3D tensor fields to the total affine transformation are in the attachment. The file "af3D2_0tenstsinvsymzo5indep_title.pdf" contains the invariants from orders 0 to 5. They are generated by the graphs of up to five three-edges.

The files from "" to "" are divided zip archive. It contains the invariants from orders 2 to 6. They are generated by the graphs of up to six three-edges. Download them, omit the finishing ".zip" from the file names and unzip that finished "001 ", please.

af3D2_0tenstsinvsymzo5indep_title.pdf10.16 MB MB MB MB MB MB