Software in MATLAB (with Graphical User Interface)

There are currently three Matlab tools available for download.

  • MBD - MATLAB application for multichannel blind (or nonblind) deconvolution with possible demosaicking
  • BSR - MATLAB application, which performs simultaneously deconvolution and super-resolution
  • IMARE - MATLAB application, which performs the feature-based image registration

Click here for download

Software in MATLAB (more up-to-date code but without Graphical User Interface)

  • fast MBD - MATLAB code for fast multichannel blind (or nonblind) deconvolution with possible superresolution

Software for microscopy

  • GenEx - GenEx software libraries for analysis of FISH fluorescence microscopy images

Software in C++

  • Image processing program ZODOP.
    Click here for download
  • Colony Counter - tool for processing of images of Petri dishes with yeast colonies.
    Click here for download
  • Afintensors - generation of rotation and affine invariants of images, vector and tensor fields.


Middle European Woods (MEW 2012 and 2014) - click here for download
Tree leaf database (old version MEW 2010) - click here for download