Algorithm for Fast Image Restoration

Blind deconvolution, which comprises simultaneous blur and image estimation, is a strongly ill-posed problem. It is by now well-known that if multiple images of the same scene are acquired, this multichannel blind deconvolution problem is better posed and allows of blur estimation directly from the degrade images. We improve the multichannel idea by adding robustness to noise and stability in the case of large blurs or if the blur size is vastly overestimated. We formulate blind deconvolution as a L1-regularized optimization problem and seek a solution by alternately optimizing with respect to the image and with respect to blurs. Each optimization step is converted to a constrained problem by variable splitting and then addressed with an augmented Lagrangian method, which permits simple and fast implementation in the Fourier domain. Our current implementation can also perform superresolution.

The algorithm is implemented in MATLAB (requires Image Processing Toolbox). Instructions on how to set parameters are in parameters.m. You can download the code here.

We also provide a MATLAB code for our ECCV2012 paper "Deconvolving PSFs for a Better Motion Deblurring Using Multiple Images", which extends the original blind deconvolution algorithm by adding a step of deblurring estimated blurs to reduce spurious blurs that often occur in blind deconvolution. The code can be downloaded here.

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Contact Filip Sroubek to inquire about the MATLAB code.


The flowchart of the proposed algorithm



Results: (images were taken in the charming town of Litomerice with DSLR Canon Rebel T2i)

 Input out-of-focus images

Estimated sharp image and blurs

 Input out-of-focus images
Estimated sharp image and blurs



Duration: 2010-2012
Contact person: Filip Sroubek
Involved people: Peyman Milanfar, Jan Kamenický, Xiang Zhu


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