Friday Seminars

Datesort iconLecturerTalk
12.04.2019Adam NovozámskýHough transform - from bubbles through straight lines to arbitrary shapes
01.03.2019Prof. Mauricio Escarpinati (Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brasil)TBA
22.02.2019Gabriela CzannerStatistical spatial modelling in ophthalmic images: learning about associations and toward diagnosis
16.11.2018Tomáš SukTensor Method and Graphs
09.11.2018Jan SchierRecent advances in non-local denoising algorithms
15.05.2018Janne Heikkilä3D computer vision with applications in mobile imaging and perception
20.04.2018Jan HoráčekFrom small intestine to industrial measurement
06.04.2018Petra VidnerováAdversarial examples - vulnerability of machine learning methods and prevention
23.03.2018Milan ŠulcFine-grained recognition of plant species from images
16.03.2018Jan BlažekDigital Image Processing in Art Investigation
09.03.2018Michal UřičářReal-time Multi-view Facial Landmark Detector Learned by Structured Output SVM
02.03.2018Jiří DvořákImage inpainting using geostatistical Kriging
05.01.2018Barbara ZitováJak na to
15.12.2017Tomáš SukHistory of television
01.12.2017Jan SchierSubpixel edge detector
24.11.2017Michal ŠorelO splinech a jejich praktickém použití
03.11.2017Jan KamenickýOrthogonal properties of G-quads and Q-quads
27.10.2017Jan KoteraFlowNet: Optical flow estimation using CNNs
20.10.2017Michal BartošNonlinear least squares minimization with image priors in the form of L1-norm regularization
13.10.2017Jitka KostkováAlgebraic multigrid methods (part 2)