Friday Seminars

Datesort iconLecturerTalk
15.05.2015Sajad FarokhiFace recognition using Zernike moments and Hermite kernels
24.04.2015Filip ŠroubekUltrasound early breast cancer detection - TACR project
17.04.2015Babak MahdianPerformance Analysis of Binary Descriptors of Local Features
27.03.2015Tomáš SukAutomated detection of meteors
20.03.2015Jiří BoldyšPositron emission tomography - injection dose optimization
13.03.2015Michal KunešA (Zernike) moment-based nonlocal-means algorithm for image denoising
06.03.2015Lubomir SoukupStatistical approach to resampling and its use in subpixel registration
20.02.2015Jan Blažekm3art project - summary and results
13.02.2015Jan Kalina (UI)Robust statistical methods in image analysis
06.02.2015Soukup JindřichChambolle's projection method for total variation denoising
23.01.2015Přemysl ŠtychModerní klasifikační metody a data dálkového průzkumu Země
09.01.2015Cyril HöschlBrief introduction to NP-completeness
19.12.2014Milan Zajíček1/ Heating of Large Agricultural and Industrial Buildings, and 2/ Regenerative Heat Exchanger simulation and use
12.12.2014Roxana Bujack, University of Leipzig, GermanyMoment Invariants for Vector Fields via Normalization
05.12.2014Jiří NovotnýOptical Music Recognition: Overview & Open Issues
21.11.2014Michal ŠorelDeep learning: introduction to introduction
14.11.2014Adam NovozámskýBoosting Algorithms
07.11.2014Jiří DvořákHow NOT to test your hypotheses using functional characteristics
24.10.2014Ales ZitaHigh-Dimensional data visualisation using tSNE
10.10.2014Soukup JindřichA Total Variation Spectral Framework for Scale and Texture Analysis