Friday Seminars

Datesort iconLecturerTalk
10.01.2020Jan BenešRealism in Computer Graphics, Procedural Modeling, and Procedural Buildings
13.12.2019Tomáš KerepeckýJoint Demosaicing and Debluring with Ringing Artifact Suppression
29.11.2019David Svoboda and Tereza NečasováGeneration and Validation of Biomedical Image Data
27.11.2019Janne HeikkilaImage-Based 3D Sensing for Augmented Reality and Mobile Imaging: New methods for deblurring using deep learning
08.11.2019Petr LukešDálkový průzkum Země na Czechglobe: potenciál hyperspektrálních dat
11.10.2019Marek BrabecSemiparametric regression. GAM, its applications and beyond.
17.05.2019Matěj LéblBlur invariant template matching using projection onto convex sets
10.05.2019Hynek WalnerAutomated Machine Learning -- useful approach or another IT snake oil?
03.05.2019Mayank TiwariDigital Image Enhancement, Restoration and Source Camera Identification in Digital Image Forensics
05.04.2019Lukáš BajerCMA-ES black box optimization with Gassian Process surrogate models
05.04.2019Lukáš BajerCMA-ES black box optimization with Gaussian Process surrogate models
29.03.2019Zuzana BílkováGauGAN – Semantic Image Synthesis with GANs
08.03.2019Adam NovozámskýHough transform - from bubbles through straight lines to arbitrary shapes
01.03.2019Prof. Mauricio Escarpinati (Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brasil)Remote sensing in precision agriculture: The Federal University of Uberlândia
22.02.2019Gabriela CzannerStatistical spatial modelling in ophthalmic images: learning about associations and toward diagnosis
16.11.2018Tomáš SukTensor Method and Graphs
09.11.2018Jan SchierRecent advances in non-local denoising algorithms
15.05.2018Janne Heikkilä3D computer vision with applications in mobile imaging and perception
20.04.2018Jan HoráčekFrom small intestine to industrial measurement
06.04.2018Petra VidnerováAdversarial examples - vulnerability of machine learning methods and prevention