Affine moment invariants of higher orders

Project leader: Suk
Supported by: Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, No. 201/03/0675
Duration: 2003 - 2005
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The project is concerned with the theory of the affine moment invariants. This theory has been studied for many years, but the results are not still satisfactory. We hope that novel theoretical approaches in connection with modern computer technologywill enable to reach so much needed results. In this project, we propose to carry out four major stages: (a) computation of affine moment invariants of higher orders and weights, (b) selection of the irreducible invariants from the computed set includingalso products and linearly dependent invariants, (c) dependencies among irreducible invariants and (d) the number of irreducible invariants by means of Cayley - Sylvester theorem. This research is partially motivated by computer vision (patternrecognition of affinely deformed objects, image registration, etc.). Applications can be found in medical imaging, robotics and remote sensing, but the project has also great theoretical impact.