Spring school of image processing 2010

30.5. - 5.6. 2010, Krušné hory, Mariánská (Jáchymov)

The program of the 6th edition of the Spring School of Image Processing will consist mainly of tutorial talks given by organizers from the Department of Image Processing (ÚTIA) and participating Ph.D. students:

Morning  Evening
 su (ne)  ------------------------- Welcome party
 mo (po) Feature transforms I
Irena Váňová: Introduction to feature transforms (PCA, LDA, kernel PCA, kernel Fisher's discriminant)
Feature selection
Petr Somol: Feature Selection Criteria - An Overview
Pattern recognition I
Jan Flusser: General theory of image recognition and registration (Introduction and criticism)
 tu (út) Feature transforms II
Jan Kamenický: Manifold learning - LLE (Locally linear embedding), Isomap
Applications I
Václav Šmídl: Probabilistic model for analysis of kidney image sequences
 we (st) Applications II
Jan Schier: Image processing for selected biological experiments
Feature transforms III
Lubomír Soukup: Feature transform by non-parametric mutual information maximization
 th (čt) Orthogonal polynomials
Tomáš Suk: Orthogonal polynomials and their use in image processing
Feature transforms IV
Jiří Sedlář: HLDA (Heteroscedastic LDA), SDA (Subclass discriminant analysis)
 fr (pá) Image retrieval
Filip Šroubek: Locally adaptive regression kernels for vision

If you have any questions or comments, contact Michal Šorel