Nephele: extended database system for material research including content based image retrieval


The Nephele system was designed for archiving and work with painting material research reports. The content of this extended database system reflects the structure of the report, which describes the process of material research of given artwork. It contains all acquired information about
the object: general information about the artwork itself and its author, information about samples taken off of the artwork at several places, scanned parts, and results of chemical analyses. Such database with broad spectrum of reports can serve as the knowledge base for future restoration cases. Possibly the most important functionality of the system is the search function, which selects required reports. The user has two options: to use textual information for looking up the report, or content-based image retrieval, which compares archived image data with the query image sample. The latter is enabled due to the included image processing modules, which go beyond the ordinary database functionality and are intensively used in the very process of artwork analysis and report creation. The illustrative example of Nephele user interface can be seen below. The restored artwork is shown, with VIS, UV and SEM images of one microscopic cross-section. The software was implemented in C++ programming language with .NET framework support on client side. The database is based on relational model with SQL querying language.

More information about image processing methods included in Nephele system can be found here.




Duration: since 2004
Contact person: Miroslav Beneš
Involved people: Barbara Zitová
Involved extern: Janka Hradilová (AVU, ALMA), David Hradil (UACH, ALMA)


Linux server source code: nephele-server-1.1.tbz2
.NET client source code: nephele-client-1.0.1.tbz2
Manual (only in czech): manual.pdf