Joint Demosaicing and Debluring with Ringing Artifact Suppression

Datum konání: 13.12.2019
Přednášející: Tomáš Kerepecký
Odpovědná osoba: Kotera

Most of the available digital color cameras use a single image sensor with a color filter array (CFA) in acquiring an image. In order to produce a visible color image, a demosaicing process must be applied. Moreover, sensor and lens blur degrade images acquired by digital cameras. Simple and fast removal of blur using linear filtering, such as Wiener filter, produces results that are not acceptable in most of the cases due to ringing artifacts close to image borders and around edges in the image. In order to deal with these artifacts, we propose joint demosaicing and deconvolution algorithm based on alternating directions method of multipliers (ADMM). Algorithm consists of only filtering and element-wise operation, which makes it particularly suitable for implementation in digital cameras. Last but not least, algorithm suggests the way how to design minimal convolution neural network for this specific image restoration task.