The Zoological Garden of Stochastic Geometry

Datum konání: 22.11.2013
Přednášející: Jiří Dvořák
Odpovědná osoba: Kotera

Stochastic geometry studies random spatial patterns, i.e. random geometric objects like configurations of points, lines, discs etc. During the seminar we will introduce some of the most basic and most useful animals (types of data, models) that live in the field of stochastic geometry.
The motivation is that the next time you encounter a strange new animal (spatial pattern, random geometric object) in your field of research you would realize: "Hey, I have seen such an animal in the ZOO. There is no need to run away because it was so cute and I have seen it spin a ball on its nose. If I take care of it properly, I could use it to my advantage."