Friday seminars

Our department organizes weekly seminars for people interested in image processing and pattern recognition. The seminars are usually held on Fridays 10 a.m. in room 25 of the ÚTIA building. Talks cover speakers' main research areas and novel results, as well as surveys on various topics. The seminar is a part of education programs for students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague (see NPGR022). For further information, please contact Jan Kotera.

Future seminars:

Datesort iconLecturerTalk
02.03.2018Jiří DvořákImage inpainting using geostatistical Kriging
05.01.2018Barbara ZitováJak na to
15.12.2017Tomáš SukHistory of television
01.12.2017Jan SchierSubpixel edge detector
24.11.2017Michal ŠorelO splinech a jejich praktickém použití

School of Image Processing in Mariánská, Czech Republic

The Winter and Spring Schools of Image Processing are popular workshops organized by our department. They are held annually in January and May/June, respectively. For more information, please contact Michal Šorel.