Temporomandibular joint: digital image processing of thermal images

The aim of the project was development of the software product ThermoAnalyzer for processing and evaluating thermal images of the temporomandibular joints and for evaluating the proposed cure. Images of the patients are taken by thermal camera. The joint disorder (inflammation) can be examined using thermographic images of the patient head. The observed data of the left and right part of the face should be geometrically aligned, compared, and evaluated. The registration based on the fiducial markers was implemeted followed by the image rectification. The regions of interest (ROIs) could be either selected or the default distribution can be used. Mathematical features are then computed from ROIs and their vectors representing individual faces can enter the evaluating process.

Duration: 2004 – 2005
Contact person: Barbara Zitova
Involved people: Jan Tax
Involved extern: H. Fikáčková (1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University), J. Svoboda (TMV SS s.r.o.)

Publications: (in Czech)