Welcome to the Department of Image Processing

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Head of the Department: Barbara Zitová

Vice-head of the Department: Filip Šroubek

Secretary: Jana Švarcová


address: Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the ASCR, Pod Vodárenskou věží 4, CZ-182 08, Praha 8, Czech Republic

The Department is involved in low-level image processing and pictorial pattern recognition research. Major application areas are biomedicine, remote sensing, astronomy, and art conservation.

  • Recognition of distorted images and patterns by invariant descriptors regardless of their actual position in the scene
  • Registration and fusion of several images of the same scene taken at different times, by different sensors and/or from different viewpoints in order to obtain information of higher quality
  • Theory of moment invariants, namely of rotation invariants, affine invariants and invariants to convolution.
  • Restoration of degraded images, namely multichannel blind deconvolution, edgepreserving denoising, local contrast enhancement, and color transformations

    SurMob - Android application for superresolution.