High School Students

Program - Otevřená věda

About us

Otevřená věda (Open science) is an internship program for high-school students, organized by the Academy of Sciences. In the frame of this internship, high-school students participate pair for one year professional researcher. Finally, the internship is concluded with a model scietific conference, where the students present the resuts of their research work and possibly even win some prize.

UTIA, and namely our department has also been involved in this program. The students have participated in analyzing mytotic spindle development using advanced microscopy (confocal and SPIM) data provided by the Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics in Liběchov with good success - Jiří Wolker and Mária Šimunková have won the category of Physical Sciences with this topic. More recently, Luka Králík and Václav Knapp have been participating in analysis of river network as drawn in historical engraved maps, Jan Martin Macháček in quantitative analysis of yeast colony images and Daniel Pojhan in analysis of CT scans of archeological findings of fragments of ceramics.