PhD Students

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Instructions for new applicants

Applicants are admitted on the basis of a selection procedure which is independent of the faculty entrance examination and takes place in May each year. The deadline for applications for the selection procedure is every year 15 April.

The application must include a curriculum vitae, the expected date of completion of full-time studies, the topic of the thesis and a list of publications. Please attach the most important publications. Email all materials to All applicants will be notified by email of the audition date.



  • prof. Ing. Jan Flusser, DrSc.

  • doc. RNDr. Barbara Zitová, Ph.D

  • doc. Ing. Filip Šroubek, Ph.D

  • Ing. Stanislav Saic, CSc.

  • Ing. Tomáš Suk, CSc.

  • RNDr. Jan Blažek, Ph.D.


  • Aleš Zita, 2023, "Analysing Videokymograms Using Classical and Deep Learning Methods" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Jitka Kostková, 2020, "Advanced Moment Invariants for Pattern Matching" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Jan Kotera, 2020, "Image Deblurring in Demanding Conditions" (supervisor: F. Šroubek)

  • Jan Blažek, 2018, "Multimodal image processing in art investigation" (supervisor: B. Zitová)

  • Adam Novozámský, 2018, "Selected Application Areas of Image Processing: Image Forensics and Medical Imaging" (supervisor: S. Saic)

  • Cyril Höschel, 2018, "Advanced Moment-Based Methods for Image Analysis" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Miroslav Beneš, 2014, "Digital Image processing of Cross-section samples" (supervisor: B. Zitová)

  • Jiří Sedlář, 2013, "Image Analysis in Microscopy and Videokymography" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Jan Kamenický, 2011, "Effective image restoration algorithms for mobile devices" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Ondřej Horáček, 2011, " Modified Image Retrieval on Large Scale Image Databases" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Babak Mahdian, 2008, "Blind Digital Image Authentication" (supervisor: S. Saic)

  • Filip Krolupper, 2008, "Recognition of partially occluded objects" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Michal Šorel, 2007, "Multichannel blind restoration of images with spatial-variant degradations" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Filip Šroubek, 2003, "Image fusion via multichannel blind deconvolution" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Barbara Zitová, 2000, " Registration of radiometrically deformed images by invariant descriptors" (supervisor: J. Flusser)

  • Radim Halíř, 2000, "Computer vision based estimation of shape characteristics of fragments of archaeological pottery", (supervisor: J. Flusser)