Software in C++


In our department, we develop an image processing program called ZODOP. It is written in Microsoft Visual C++. Its main advantage is possibility of creating plug-ins without necessity of a change the main program. We use the plug-ins both for testing new image formats and new methods of image processing that are too slow in MATLAB.

It is the main window of ZODOP

Image formats:

One channel with 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 bits per pixel, three (RGB) or four (RGBA) channels with 8 bits per pixel or vector.

File formats:

  • raster: bmp, fits, gif, icon, jpeg, pbm/pgm/ppm, pic, png, raw, tiff and postscript.
  • vector: shp.

Basic operations: arithmetic and logic, local and global histogram equalization, palette manipulations, principal component analysis, conversion RGB to YHS, convolution filtering, rank (median, maximum, minimum) filtering, Fourier transformation, geometric transformations (translation, rotation, scaling and skew), registration by control points, registration by phase correlation in log-polar coordinates, screenshot and many others.

Development of special plug-ins for negotiable price. The program is in English language, the Czech version and the version for 32-bit Windows 7 are also available, send e-mail to

The program (version for 64-bit Windows 7, compiled by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010) can be downloaded here.